Green is Gold

Corn Free Fair Trade Green is Gold

We are wanting to help fill your day with good things, whether it's a scent bringing back a lovely memory, a bubbly lather washing away a hard day, or a smoothing soothing body butter, just in case the night gets. . . interesting.

We are committed to good things being good for all, which is why we source from small farmers and reputable suppliers.  Our beauty shouldn't be another's burden, so we seek out fair trade, sustainable and organic ingredients whenever and wherever we can.  All of our product lines are gluten-free, while also providing vegan and palm-free choices.  We will mark items "corn-free" when we know they are, and we will even use corn-free packaging with no extra charge upon request.

So put on a pot of tea, curl up into a comfy chair, peruse our pages, and dream.

Elaine & Monica

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